Talk about some weird shit!!

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This is teh Fucking Bomb

I had to post this one, made me laugh out loud at work, which is hard to do these days.

Stephen Hawking With a Prostitute

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This is disturbing on so many levels!

I mean come on, what teh fuck where these advertising execs thinking?


What teh Fuck! I like ads like this!


Fuck You Baltimore!

This is what Car Dealers want to say in there commercials but don't have teh fucking stones to.

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Amazing what you can do playing Video games!

What teh fuck will they do next, I wonder?

What teh fuck is the Screamer up to!

I'm sure many of you have been thinking that in the past few months, where teh fuck has he gone, why has teh screaming stopped. Well I'm here to tell you people, teh screaming hasn't stopped, it just took a holiday. I am back, actually I never fucking went anywhere, just took a break. My throat hurt from screaming so loud. I am now rested and plan on venting when teh opportunity presents itself. Believe me there are plenty of things to bitch about and you will be getting an ear-load soon.


Conspiracy Theory Time

I know I'm probably just totally nuts (no I know that I'm totally nuts) but teh plane crash in NY yesterday involving teh baseball player just unnerved me.

Did anyone else notice that this "accident" happened 5 years and one month to teh day after 9/11? I know it is just my crazy head thinking that these two events might be related, but it is awfully weird if you ask me.

Just something to think about.